Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reading Comprehension - Pre-Entry Proficiency Test

United States of America is a melting pot for millions. And still, so many millions of people want to settle here. But the question is, "Is Immigration in the Public Interest?" Immigration critics charge that newcomers take jobs away from people who are already here, immigrant labour lowers wages because immigrants work for less, worsen race relations and do not pay taxes. In contrast, others argue that newcomers take jobs that others do not want, they also think, immigrants might actually increase employment by providing low-wage workers. Besides, all immigrants also pay income and sales tax, except for illegal immigrants who only pay sales tax.

71. The suitable title of the passage is?
(A) United States is a melting pot
(B) Is Immigration in the public interest?
(C) Views in favour and against of Immigration to the United States
(D) Demerits of Immigration

72. The critics charge that newcomers lower wages, because?
(A) there will more people and less jobs
(B) they work for less
(C) they do not pay taxes
(D) competition is started

73. According to the passage, the immigrants might increase jobs by?
(A) increasing workers
(B) working hard
(C) paying taxes
(D) working for less

74. According to the passage?
(A) all immigrants pay taxes
(B) all immigrants do not pay taxes
(C) illegal immigrants do not pay taxes
(D) illegal immigrants do not pay income taxes

75. People who are favour in immigration answer all except?
(A) immigrants worsen race relations
(B) newcomers take jobs away from people who are already here
(C) immigrant labour lowers wages
(D) immigrants do not pay taxes

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